Iyengar Yoga Madeira
Iyengar Yoga Madeira


Yogaflow presents Iyengar Yoga Madeira. Here you will find the only Yoga studio that offers certified Iyengar Yoga classes on Madeira island in Portugal. The classes are taught in a private setting, one-on-one and small groups, to ensure personal attention and adjustment. Yoga postures are adapted to suit the ability of each student.

This Yoga space is right for you if you are looking for a non-dogmatic approach to traditional Yoga, and if you are inspired to integrate classic Yoga techniques and philosophy into your every day modern lifestyle.

See Rates and Times below. Scroll down for detailed information about Private and Group Yoga classes.


Iyengar Yoga, like all Yoga styles that are based on Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises), is a form of Hatha Yoga. Ha means ‘sun’ and Tha means ‘moon’. In the practice of Hatha Yoga, we create differential pressures of High (heating / sun) and Low (cooling / moon) energy in the body to circulate the subtle essence called Prana (life-force) through every cell from high to low pressure.

What makes Iyengar Yoga unique is its focus on accurate physical alignment to encourage the intelligent flow of life-force in all parts of the body equally and to cultivate the sharp inner clarity that allows body, mind, and breath to unite with pure consciousness.  

Iyengar Yoga is both, an aesthetic art, and an extensively researched science. Props are an integral part of Iyengar Yoga and used in various educational ways, to awaken greater alignment or to support the practice and make it more accessible, or to amplify the challenge and build endurance. Postures are adapted to suit the ability of each practitioner. The practice is guided with clear verbal cues and hands on adjustments to inspire integration.

Iyengar Yoga is attributed to BKS Iyengar, one of the most influential Yoga teachers in the evolution of Yoga in the west. This style of Yoga is grounded on the teachings of T Krishnamacharya, who is seen as the father of modern Yoga. By adapting the original Ashtanga Yoga system to suit a diversity of individuals, BKS Iyengar revolutionised dynamic Yoga. His own journey through immense adversity and illness inspired him to devote his entire life to Yoga and led him to introduce greater emphasis on the therapeutic application of Yoga to make it accessible to every type of body.

Iyengar Yoga is a compliment to other dynamic Yoga practices, as it offers a slower pace with postures held for longer periods of time. Holding postures for longer allows the practitioner space to sense how muscles, bones, fascia, skin, and organs move and how the mind responds. This intimate awareness greatly enhances the health benefits of Yoga. 

What clients Say

“Melanie is one of the most intuitive Yoga instructors (although instructor is not how I see her she has been my partner, my confidant and soulmate on my Yoga journey). She will extend you at times and when you are in need of restorative she will sense it. Her passion for yoga is contagious. She shares her incredible knowledge freely and provides enormous insight into the impact, the benefits and the deeper soul journey that many miss. She will make you a lifelong convert with a thirst to discover more.” – Lynette Finlay

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Iyengar Yoga in Madeira
Iyengar Yoga in Madeira

Yoga Classes in Madeira

Below you will find all the information you need to know about my Private and Group Yoga classes in Madeira. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. I look forward to share Yoga with you!

Private Yoga

Private Yoga classes are taught as traditionally intended, one on one, with a strong emphasis on personal attention and precise adjustment. Suitable for busy professionals, complete beginners, anyone with injuries and health / emotional concerns, seasoned practitioners looking to enhance alignment skills, discerning individuals focused on clear goals, and holiday makers feeling to retreat. Private Yoga classes are designed to suit your specific needs and the postures are adjusted to your disposition at any given moment. These individual focused Yoga classes are adapted to all levels, from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced. You can choose to enjoy your Yoga practice at your own home, hotel, office, or at my Yoga studio in Funchal, or online via Zoom.

Yoga Studio

You are welcome to book your private Yoga class at my fully equipped Yoga space in Funchal. Yoga mats and props are supplied.

Kindly note: pre-booking required, no walk-ins.

See MAP here.

Your Home

You have the luxury to enjoy private Yoga in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office anywhere in Madeira. I travel to you. Yoga mats and props are supplied.

Online Yoga

You have the option to keep up your private Yoga practice from anywhere in the world. See ONLINE page for more about Yoga on Zoom.


Book a time that suits your schedule.


⚫️ Online €55 
⚫️ In Person €65 

Travel costs apply.


Please read this: THE YOGAFLOW GUIDELINES before attending a Yogaflow class. By showing up in a Yogaflow class you acknowledge that you agree with the Yogaflow disclaimer.

Group Yoga

Group Yoga classes are taught in an intimate setting with the potential for individual attention and adjustment. To ensure the best collective learning experience, group Yoga classes are labelled according to specific levels, mixed or intermediate. You can choose to enjoy your Yoga practice at my Yoga studio in Funchal or online via Zoom.

Yoga Studio

Join me for group Yoga classes at my fully equipped Yoga space in Funchal. Yoga mats and props are supplied.

Kindly note: pre-booking required, no walk-ins.

See MAP here.

Yoga Class Levels

⚫️ Foundation Level – All welcome, no previous Yoga experience needed. Classic Iyengar Yoga. Slow and steady, with time to adjust. Single postures, taught with variations to suit each individual. The class focus is on basic alignment cues, and the use of props to support alignment. Perfect for beginners, or students wanting to get back into Yoga practice after a break, or anyone whom feels to practice more traditionally. 

⚫️ Intermediate Level – At least two years Yoga experience or shorter term, but regular practice of any style needed. Dynamic Iyengar Yoga. Strong and creative. Sequences include static Iyengar Yoga postures, complimented by a dash of experimentation, and a little slow flow. Alignment cues are offered within the framework of individual exploration and autonomy. The class focus is co-creative, students are encouraged to feel their own sensations in response to postures and cues. Options are offered to suit each individual. Perfect for agile Yoga practitioners whom enjoy physical challenge and philosophical contemplation.

Online Yoga

Keep up your Yoga practice from anywhere in the world. See ONLINE page for more about Yoga on Zoom.

Yoga Class Times

⚫️ Monday at 18:00pm to 19:30pm – Foundation Level. All welcome, no previous Yoga experience needed.
⚫️ Wednesday at 18:00pm to 19:30pm – Intermediate Level. At least two years Yoga experience of any style needed.
⚫️ Friday at 9:30am to 11am – Intermediate Level. At least two years Yoga experience of any style needed.


⚫️ In Person:

  • €11 – Drop In
  • €100 – Ten Class Pass

Yoga Workshop

See EVENT page for upcoming Yoga workshops. Follow me on Instagram for updates.

” Yoga is when every single cell of the body sings the song of the soul ”
BKS Iyengar