Yoga Class Madeira
Yoga Class Madeira

yoga class madeira

Group Yoga

Group Yoga classes are labelled according to specific levels, mixed or intermediate, to ensure the best collective learning experience. Please check the class level before booking.

⚫️ Monday at 18:00pm to 19:30pm – Mixed Level. All welcome, no previous Yoga experience needed.
⚫️ Wednesday at 18:00pm to 19:30pm – Intermediate Level. At least two years Yoga experience of any style needed.
⚫️ Thursday at 8am to 9:30am (Portugal Time) –  Online Intermediate Level. At least two years Yoga experience of any style needed.
⚫️ Friday at 9:30am to 11am – Intermediate Level. At least two years Yoga experience of any style needed.

Yoga Class Levels

⚫️ Mixed Level – All welcome, no previous Yoga experience needed. Classic Iyengar Yoga. Slow moving, with time to adjust. Single postures are taught with modifications to suit each level and physical condition. Foundation alignment cues are offered, and the use of props are encouraged to support individual alignment. Perfect for anyone whom feels to practice Yoga slowly with awareness, or students whom want to revise Yoga posture alignment, or complete beginners, or anyone with mild ailments.

⚫️ Intermediate Level. At least two years Yoga experience of any style needed. Dynamic Iyengar Yoga. Creative sequences that emphasise the inner and outer alignment of single postures, and includes playful, fluid transitions between postures. Options are offered to suit each individual. Perfect for agile Yoga practitioners whom enjoy physical challenge and philosophical exploration.

Private Yoga

Private (Individual) Yoga classes are adapted to all levels, from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced. Please share your requirements when booking.

⚫️ Book a time that suits your schedule.

Kindly note: pre-booking required, no walk-ins.

Yoga Studio located in Ajuda, Funchal. See MAP here. 

See INFO page for details about private and group Yoga classes. See RATES page for price

What clients Say

“I feel incredibly blessed to have met Mel as my first yoga teacher in Cape Town 12 years ago and to have been able to enjoy her wonderful teachings ever since. She teaches yoga with great intention, knowledge and attention to alignment, thereby infusing her lessons with a deep insight into the human body and the healing power of yoga. With her calm presence, Mel knows how to create a loving and safe environment for students of all levels to deeply explore their own personal physical and energetic experience on the mat. In her unique style, she makes her classes very personal, and she beautifully links our yoga practice to our experiences in real life, its challenges and adventures, making it a deeply insightful experience that helps us to connect to ourselves and the world around us with greater awareness. In the past few years, she has demonstrated to be very skilled in online yoga teaching too, guiding a beautiful, growing community of people worldwide through their yoga practice – connecting to their experience virtually in such a way that it felt as if you were in her yoga studio. I am so grateful for your magical yoga guidance lieve Mel, may your teachings reach the souls & hearts of people far and wide. I’m excited for you to continue to share your teachings in Madeira and beyond, and am looking forward to continue my practice with you” – Lilian Plomp

“Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is. We are allowing other people to be what they are, and we are sanctioning our own bodies and our minds to fully manifest. Yoga also begins in the present moment. Many classic texts, such as the Yoga Sutra by Patangali, start with the word ‘atha’, meaning ‘now’, which refers to this very notion. In the context of the Yoga Sutra, the use of the word ‘atha’ means that we have come to a point in our lives where we are ready to to wake up from our conditioned existence and our habitual ways of behaving, thinking, and interacting with the world. It insinuates that we are finally ready to get real and to discover the essence of all existence that lies deep down in the core of our own heart and at the center of our being.”
Richard Freeman