Pulse of Spanda

Spanda is a Sanskrit term often used in Kashmir Shaivism, referred to as the flow of Shakti or ‘creative life-force’ and means ‘movement’ or ‘vibration’. Within the context of Samkhya, Spanda can be seen as the pulse that stirs Mula-Prakriti or ‘un-manifest potential’ into being. 

All manifest forms in the universe are expressions of the ‘one ultimate reality’ or Purusha, every moment, every shape, every being is the conscious flow of creation.

In its original expression this creative pulse of life is ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ or ‘Being, Consciousness, Bliss’, an earthly reflection of pure divinity, that is beyond name, time and space. 

By withdrawing and purifying our senses (Pratyahara) our bodies and our minds become conduits for original Spanda, allowing the creative pulse to flow though us, without the colouring of personality or individual preference, with absolute trust and surrender to the divine guidance in our heart (Ishvara Pranidhana). 

Spanda is the energy behind every breath, every heart-beat and every thought. If we let it flow untainted, our Yoga practice becomes a sacred celebration of life-force, a spontaneous (Sahaja) expression of energy art. 

The true intention of Yoga is to realize and embody this sacred current of energy within us. Following our own truth and staying in tune with our own natural rhythm is essential to be able to let this creative pulse flow freely and relate to each other from a deeper, more authentic inner space.