Natural Rhythm

Sometimes I find myself so serious, so focused on ‘real’ life that I forget to play and simply enjoy my own being. My fierce ego restricts the natural, creative pulse of life from flowing through me, as I desperately try push and pull in a feeble attempt to control life.

In moments like these, when I loose my sense of humour, the only remedy is to pause and look at a wave, a cloud, a flower or a tree. By simply stopping and tuning into nature I am instantly reminded that I am part of majestic cosmic geometry unfolding on earth. And if I open to the moment fully, I feel myself inspired to let go, to soften and enjoy the natural rhythm of life. To become a pure, open conduit for this sacred vibration of life to flow freely, abundantly and harmoniously through me.

“So we are living, as it were, on many levels of rhythm. This is the nature of change. If you resist it, you have frustration and suffering. But if you understand change, you don’t cling to it, you let it flow. Then it becomes positively beautiful.”

“When you think a bit about what people really want to do with their time, you find they like to make rhythms. They listen to music, they dance, they sing or do something of a rhythmic nature. Given the chance, everybody wants to spend their time swinging”.

(Quotes by Alan Watts)