Love or Fear?

One truth is for sure, every physical form is impermanent. We are alive in an emotionally tumultuous, unpredictable and chaotic time, forcing us to face our fears. and inspiring us to tune deeper into the natural flow of life. to surf the cosmic waves as they rise and fall. to dance the frequency of authentic rhythms. to let go and trust. Astrologically we are journeying through our deepest karma right now. Old structures are breaking down to make space for the new. Our planet is shaking us to restore her balance. we are shedding outer layers. things are getting real. the globe is changing faster than we ever imagined. and we are diving deep. refined navigational skills are required to soften our senses and turn to the wisdom within. Our discernment is being sharpened. Instead of numbing out, running away or fighting in fear, can we choose to feel our emotions, stay committed to the process of healing and hold space for each other in love? We are all in this together! and yes its uncomfortable, but its also very exciting to expand into the unknown infinity with our raw hearts wide open.