Nada Yoga

Guest teacher Emilie Mangoni will be sharing an inspirational Nada Yoga experience with us at Yogaflow studio in Ajuda on Saturday 24 February at 11am.

Pre booking required. See Emilie’s invitation below.

Nada Yoga is a spiritual practice in which we the use of sound or voice to reach a state of meditation, peace and  and self-realisation. In Sanskrit,  “nada” means “sound” or “vibration”.  

In Nada Yoga, we concentrate on the perception of sound: external (ex: music, sounds around us) or internal (subtle sounds within the body).

This practise involves the use of music, chanting, or the repetition of Mantras, so we  turn our attention inward to attain a  deep meditation,  and union with the divine.

The class will start with Pranayama (breath control), body and voice warm up.

Then we will chant Mantras, Swaras (musical notes in Indian music) and make some voices improvisation, accompanied by the sound of the Harmonium.

We will end by a sound meditation and final relaxation.

The harmonium sound and our voices will be present during all the class. Indeed these vibrations  have a therapeutic and meditative effect.

For more information and booking please contact Emilie directly on +351 964 707 050

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