Yogaflow Guidelines

Welcome to Yogaflow! I am excited to share Yoga with you! Before we begin our journey together, please read through the Yogaflow guidelines, and complete the form below. This is a friendly formality to inspire a happy Yoga experience.

Yoga is a powerful form of physical and mental exercise that holds the ability to open, empower and transform gross and subtle patterns in your body, mind and breath, yet like any other physical activity, the practice of Yoga also exposes you to the risk of injury.

Yoga is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you are currently suffering from any major injuries, illness or health concerns, please be advised to consult with your physician before joining a Yoga class at Yogaflow studio.

As a Yoga teacher I will take all reasonable measures to ensure that my Yoga classes are conducted safely, with accurate alignment cues and suitable adjustments.

As a Yoga student you are encouraged to take full responsibility for the safety of your own body, and to practice Yoga with integrity. This means only doing what is within your capacity on a given day, taking rest when you need, modifying postures to suit your ability, asking questions if you are unsure, and openly communicating your doubts or fears.

Important Notes

  • Please book your spot with clear confirmation before coming to class.
  • Kindly be considerate with cancellations. Give at least 12 hours notice so that your spot can be offered to another student. To inspire commitment, you will be charged the full class cost for a late cancellation.
  • Do let me know if you have any injuries or health concerns.
  • Wear comfortable, fitted and flexible clothing that allows you to move your body with ease.
  • Practice on an empty stomach. Do not eat at least two hours before a Yoga class.
  • Yoga mats and props are provided.

Liability Waiver

By attending a class with Melanie de Villiers or at Yogaflow studio you agree to the following Liability Waiver: I hereby accept full responsibility for my personal safety during any class I attend with Melanie de Villiers or at Yogaflow studio. I knowingly and voluntarily waive any claim against Melanie de Villiers and Yogaflow studio for any injury, damage or loss, known or unknown, which I might incur whilst, or as a result of attending a class with Melanie de Villiers or at Yogaflow studio.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the Yogaflow guidelines. This helps me to serve you to the best of my capacity.


Heart Smiles,

(+351) 924 792 176