Spacious Expansion

How do you shed your old, dry skin when your inner life juice begins to overflow?

Nature’s cycle of creativity has come full circle for me, stimulating this imploding impulse to exuviate the next layer of limiting self-beliefs and surrender to the river of life in its raw essence, unbounded and free. Turbulent, stripped of societal norms, beyond ideas of right or wrong, foreign to the framework of ‘normal’, lounging in complete contrast.

This deep desire to let go into extraordinary spaciousness draws us all closer at times. We may choose to suppress it in the hope that we fit in or we compulsively explode in revolutionary rebellious ways. Or we can choose the middle path and integrate the paradox between this fundamental need for authentic self-expression and the ability to contain our energy, rather than burning or burying the beauty of this build up.

There is no one size fits all way of processing inner eruption, each of us are called to feel with intimate honesty how to dance with our own intricate electricity. The art is knowing where you are in your own inner evolution and sensing when it’s the right time to open that backdoor to let the fresh air come in.

As much as we like to preserve our earthly attainments, we also need to sometimes shake things loose, let go, invite Shiva to destroy the old and allow our ordinary life to breakdown into the vast unknown. There is something truly mystical about open-heartedly embracing the unknown.