Light and Playful in the face of Darkness

Happy Diwali! (festival of lights in Hindu / Yoga culture) & Happy Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse! (galactic planetary alignment). To flow through this intense energy, our Yoga class theme for week 43 (Wednesday 26 October) is to ‘stay light & playful in the face of darkness’. Our individual and collective shadows are coming up to be processed. as we evolve through this sticky- gooeyness of life, we may feel pulled to depression or anxiety, which are valid emotions. but in this heavy time can we rise up to look directly at darkness with a light and playful heart, seeing clearly the illusion / ‘maya’ of earthly existence. 🔥 “We cannot go beyond anything unless we first honor the shakti behind it, which means to touch its core energy in consciousness. by recognizing the shakti (energy) behind it and concentrating on it, one can move beyond the limitations of the form.” – David Frawley. 🧡 In our practice we will honor the scorpio new moon frequencies by tuning into our water center and focusing on postures that open our hips and inner thighs, circulating and nourishing our creative life force. the sequence will be both fluid and stable, using Trikonasana and Uppavishtakonasana as foundation shapes to access deeper postures like Ardha Chandarasana and Parsva Uppavishtakonasana. 🔥 You are invited to move from Svadhistana Chakra, by drawing your sacrum and lower abdomen towards each other. this area is our center of gravity and the place in our body where polarities unite. expect some flowing and floating as we move beyond the stiffness and rigidity of our body and mind. 🧡

Light and Playful